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Signs mean money for realtors, developers and construction companies — they represent YOU at the property/project when you can’t be there. You need them up quickly, they need to be good-looking and durable. This is our expertise.

We create custom job site and real estate signs – from simple to creative – from aluminum, aluminum composite, and corrugated plastic. We can help you choose the right material if needed.

We offer sign faces, posts, post caps, framing, hardware, assembly and optional installation.

Our installers have decades of experience, ensuring signs are straight, level and sturdy.

You need fast-turnaround times and signs that will last the length of the project. Our process ensures both.

Take a look at our examples below to get inspired and see the clients who trust us with helping them market their projects.

Substrates for Real Estate & Job Site Signs

What are the popular substrate options?

Most popular; long-lasting: Aluminum Composite (ACM)

Available 3mm (roughly ⅛-inch thick) and 6mm (roughly  ¼-inch thick).

3mm Aluminum Composite: roughly ⅛-inch thick

Standard insert for 24” x 18” real estate frames, somewhat flexible at larger sizes (needs support), perfect for wall and fence signs.

6mm Aluminum Composite: roughly  ¼-inch thick

Rigid, thus perfect for post-mount with powder-coated aluminum brackets or wall-mount with screws.

All ACM is available direct-print with a short turnaround time. Add laminate for long-term outdoor fade-resistance and general durability. Laminate adds to the price, but is well worth it if the signs will be in use more than a year, or re-used and handled multiple times.

Most economical: Corrugated Plastic (Coroplast / Corex)

4mm Coroplast for small signs: least expensive, short-term, flexible, lightweight, used for yard signs with wire stands, also good to hang in windows or on fences.

10mm Coroplast for large signs: Least expensive thick substrate, 1-3 year durability, somewhat flexible at very large sizes (4ft x 8ft), best at 4×4 and smaller, mount to wood posts with powder-coated aluminum brackets. Standard for large riders.


24” x 18” Black, powder-coated steel: Most common, typical residential real estate yard sign.

Available with a 6” rider slot on the bottom, top or both.

Horizontal is most common, also available special-order in vertical format.

24” x 36” Black, powder-coated steel (with bottom rider): Effective for builder signs or commercial real-estate signs when a standard 4” x 4” post can’t be used due to space or underground lines. (These are the Red Door Homes and Cornerstone Realty signs shown on the Portable and Temporary page)

What are my options for mounting the sign?
Popular Mounting Options:

4×4 Wood Posts: All of our wood posts, are treated and dried, to prevent twisting and promote paint adhesion. Our standard colors and black and white, however custom colors are available.

Posts are offered 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft. Posts are to be buried 2ft in the ground, generally. For 12-14ft posts (vertical signs) we recommend 30-36” buried.

4×4 Vinyl Posts/Frame (White): Durable vinyl post frame, fits over standard unpainted wood posts, driven into the ground 2 feet and extending to the bottom of the sign face.

4×4 Aluminum Posts/Frame (White, or custom color): Durable powder-coated aluminum frame for long-term or permanent signs.

What is the process for getting a sign made?
We pride ourselves on both the quality of our work and on providing exceptional customer service. When having a job sign made, the following list will give you a good idea of how we start with an idea and finish with a sign.

  1. Collect information to provide a quote:
    1. Identify size and substrate.
    2. Single-sided or double-sided?
    3. Provide artwork ready to print, or provide logo, text and info for design team. (
    4. Do you need a rider? Provide text for that.
    5. Do you need posts/mounting hardware? Identify.
    6. If installation is desired, mark sign location with white stake/paint (available at Port City Signs).
    7. For installation, also send address and a map with location marked.
    8. For installation, make sure all irrigation and private electrical lines are marked. Port City Signs is not responsible for cutting unmarked lines.
    9. Identify deadline.
  2. With this info, we can provide a quote.
  3. Approve quote and place a 50% deposit.
  4. Design team will email a proof.
  5. Proof approval puts sign into production.
  6. If required, installation is scheduled.
  7. Or client will be called for pickup.
  8. Balance due at time of pickup or installation.

*We offer Net 15 terms to commercial clients upon request/approval.

What's the turn around time?
Most signs can be completed in 3-10 business days. Turnaround is dependent on the client’s timely response to quote and proof and on whether installation is needed.
How are reorders handled?
To move your re-order through our system quickly, email  the prior proof sheet or the job order/invoice number. Indicate you are looking for an exact re-order and you would like to bypass the proof. This will send your order directly to production!
What factors go into the cost of a job site sign?
Our pricing depends on a number of factors.. The substrate, media type, creativity of the design, and complexity of the assembly. Our estimating software uses an algorithm that considers each of these factors in producing a price. This is why we don’t use a square foot price for each substrate.
What’s different about Port City Signs & Graphics?
Our professional designers are experts in large format print and sign design, which differs from standard graphic design training. Each member of our production team has more than 20 years of experience in this trade. Thus, when you choose Port City Signs & Graphics, you are choosing the assurance of quality, efficiency and professionalism.

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