10 Standout Port City Signs, Round 1

Since the beginning of our existence as a business, we’ve produced an incredible amount of signage and graphic displays for some of the best companies and organizations around. While we have loved working on every sign and graphic, there are a few that have stood out to our team and remain a favorite long after they have moved out of our production space and into their rightful location. Read on to see a few of our favorite signs and why we love them so much.

1. Balancing Act

An elegant dimensional sign for Wilmington’s premier boutique pilates studio. With a quick turnaround time and an incredible final look, there’s no wonder as to why these signs are one of our best sellers.

2. Inside a Seahawk's Nest

Mural inside of UNC Wilmington's Admissions Office hallwayAnytime we get to create wall art or murals is a good time, but creating and adding these gorgeous graphics to the walls of UNCW was the best. 

3. Going Up

Vinyl artwork on the elevator doors at Cape Fear Community College

What’s the point of having elevators if you can’t beautify them with your messaging and brand? We love working with our friends at Cape Fear Community College to keep their campus displays fresh and interesting for students and staff.

4. Feeling Blue

This partial wrap was designed to match Carolina Swim’s branding color scheme to make a really wavy and cool looking truck.

5. Branding in Motion

Van wrap for Red Door Homes

Cars, trucks, AND vans, we wrap ‘em all! This informative van wrap not only has an eye-catching design, but also coordinates with the rest of the Red Door Homes vehicle fleet.

6. An Immersive Office

Emerge Ortho Mural in Front Office

The best way to make a great first impression? Make your walls stand out and match the branding of your business! Special thanks to Morvil Design for the terrific design for our friends at EmergeOrtho.

7. Progress Update

Progress 910 Apartment Complex Sign

We can match existing art in order to keep signs looking fresh and your business looking consistent, just like we did here with this exterior sign.

8. Gorgeous Gallery

These historic photos telling the story of Wilmington’s shipbuilding history adorn the lobby at the new Pier 33 luxury apartments on the riverfront. They look like framed canvas, but they’re not! Instead they’re made with textured vinyl that’s tough, scuff-resistant, and backed with a removable adhesive, so the prints can easily be rotated to keep the display fresh.

9. Standing Out

Intercoastal Realty Dimensional Sign

This dimensional acrylic sign has colors that are printed on brushed aluminum accompanied by dimensional letters, creating an incredible 3D look.

10. Breaking Spaces

The frosted vinyl on these windows create an illusion of frosted glass, perfect for dividing up rooms and adding a slight layer of privacy.