Commercial Decals & Magnets

Decals and magnets are a great way to increase brand awareness, identify membership or parking privileges or properly identify products in manufacturing and retail spaces.

Get Decals and Magnets Produced in Wilmington, NC

We make stunning decals and magnets with quick turnaround, quality workmanship, and great customer service, all at competitive prices.

Cast Vinyl Decals

Our most durable and cleanest removing decals are produced on the same 3M media used to produce vehicle wraps. They are opaque, full-color, easy to apply and conform to compound curves. They include high-quality 3M laminate that increases outdoor durability to 7-10 years.

Perfect for vehicles, outdoor equipment, surfaces that get hot (225°F), glass, watercraft, dishwasher use and more.

Economy Decals

Our most economical, fast-turnaround decals. They are opaque, full-color and intended for flat surfaces. Can be produced with or without high-gloss or matte-finish laminate, which increases outdoor durability to 3-5 years. (1-2 year outdoor lifespan without laminate)

Perfect for short-term outdoor or indoor smooth, flat-surface applications.

Removable Decals

The Standard laminate decals are offered in Opaque, full-color decals, intended for flat surfaces. These include a high-quality removable adhesive that bonds well to painted metal, plastic and glass surfaces without peeling or lifting. This film can be cleanly removed for up to one year from most smooth OEM surfaces. Available in Standard Matte or High Gloss finishes. Perfect for short-term outdoor or indoor smooth, flat-surface applications.

Clear Decals

Clear, full-color decals are offered with translucent inks only, or with white-ink underlay for image opacity. Typically intended for glass applications on vehicles or otherwise. They include high-quality gloss laminate, which increases durability to 3-5 years.

Clear Static Stick (Cling) Decals

Clear, full-color static (non-adhesive) decals are printed with white ink underlay for opacity of image. Intended for use on glass surfaces. Can be customized to apply on the inner or outer surface of glass. Intended for temporary uses, where frequent change is needed.

Die Cut Stickers

Custom shape decals, cut to the shape of a logo/etc. All of our decal types are available in custom shapes.

Job Box Labels

Brand your construction permit box “Doc-Box” with your logo and colors to stand out to potential clients, and make it easy for your staff to properly record important details. These decals are full-color, permanent and sized to fit standard permit boxes. They have a matte-finish, “easy to write-on” surface.

Reflective Decals

Full-color decals printed on reflective media and paired with high quality gloss laminate that provides 7-9 year outdoor durability. Perfect for vehicles, watercraft, public safety and other applications. Available in flat-surface and compound curve surface options.

Hard Hat Decals

Full-color, opaque decals printed on cast vinyl with a high-gloss laminate. Easy to apply to the compound curved surface of hard hats.

Parking Permit Stickers

Ideal for glass or bumper applications in small numbers or high volume. Available in both white and clear vinyl, with full-color or 1-2 color prints in high volume with consecutive numbering. Square and circle decals are available, customized with your logo/text. Customized to apply to either the outer or inner surface of glass.

Equipment Labels

Ideal for specifying operation instructions and safety guidelines, or just identification and numbering. We recommend outcast vinyl media for equipment decals to ensure the longevity of 7-10 years in varying temperatures. We offer specialty high-tack vinyl for textured surfaces when needed.

Vehicle Magnets

Our vehicle magnets are produced on high-grade .036 thickness magnetic material. The full-color, high-resolution image is laminated in our highest quality cast laminate. This matters, because it means the magnet not only will have long-term, weather-resistant durability, but it will stay on the vehicle without any peeling at the edges.

*Note: Magnets are intended to be removed and reapplied often. Choose a magnet, when you know you will want to travel incognito, so to speak, at times. Magnets should not be left on vehicles for extended periods without removal at least once a week or so to wash beneath them. The buildup of dirt/grime between the magnet and vehicle paint will both damage the paint and potentially cause the magnet to fly off during travel.

Specialty Magnets

Magnets can solve all sorts of problems — and we’re not talking about joint pain! Magnets are a clean and clever way to create displays of all types that need to change often. We can print any image on a magnet and cut the magnet to any size or shape. They give flexibility to restaurant menu boards, sale displays, commemorative signs that change year to year, etc. Our die-cut magnets do the job of business card magnets, in fun, custom shapes.

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