6 Things You Should Know About LED Signs

Custom LED signs have become the industry leader in illuminated signage. From small businesses to corporations, LED signs are a highly effective form of advertising and conveying messages to your customers or clients. At Port City Signs & Graphics, we offer a variety of customizable LED signs for business use.

Here are 5 things you need to know about LED signs:

1: LED Signs are Low Maintenance

Maintenance is a big factor when deciding what type of signage is best for your application. While no sign is maintenance-free, LED signs require significantly less maintenance than other options, like fluorescent or neon signs. LED lights are durable and long-lasting, making them ideal for long-term use. While LED lights don’t last forever, they can provide decades of light before they need to be replaced. LED signs are an ideal option for bustling business owners since they require so little maintenance.

2: LED Signs are Energy Efficient

While LED signs still consume energy, you can expect lower energy bills when switching from traditional fluorescent signs to LED. These signs help save on energy bills while being an environmentally friendly option. By switching from fluorescent to LED, business owners can expect to save money while achieving brighter, more effective signage.

3: LED Signs Provide Year Round Lighting

If you are looking for illuminated signage that can withstand weather all year long, LED signs are the right choice for you. Outdoor LED signs are very durable and operate without fail throughout the year. Our LED signs, like the Front-lit Letter and Reverse-lit Letter signs, allow your logo or messaging to shine clearly and brightly, even during rainy or winter weather.

4: LED Signs Have High ROI

While LED signs require an upfront cost for the sign itself and installation, they have been shown to have a high ROI for businesses, especially small businesses. According to the Small Business Association, LED signage has been shown to deliver a 146% ROI. At Port City Signs & Graphics, we offer custom Illuminated Logo Box signs that help build brand awareness and drive more customers to your business.

5: LED Signs are a Safe Option

Unlike other lighting options, LED signs produce little to no heat, making them a safer option for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our Indoor Display Signs are a popular option for those seeking to safely engage their customers with their product, brand, or messaging. With LED signs, you can be confident that your signage is effective for your business while being energy efficient, safe, and low maintenance.

6: LED Signs are Customizable

With LED signs, you don’t have to sacrifice affordability and energy efficiency for aesthetics. LED signs are fully customizable, and original fluorescent signs can even be retrofitted to an LED fixture. By adding an LED fixture to an existing sign, you can achieve a brighter look while being energy efficient. LED signs can also be customized to mimic neon signs by using flexible LED rope. Bring your idea to the team at Port City Signs & Graphics, and we will work to bring your vision to life!

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