Product Spotlight: Bald Head Island Plaque

We love it when a client brings us a new challenge and asks for a unique solution. It lets our artists and craftsmen get imaginative and results in a product that exceeds all expectations. This is the story of one such challenge and how we helped solve it.

The Problem

The Bald Head Association (BHA) is the largest property owners’ association on Bald Head Island (BHI). Pam Henson, BHA’s Communications Associate, approached us one day with a unique need — they needed a map with names and location markers that could easily be updated as needed.
Part of serving the members of the Bald Head Association is educating property owners about the important purposes that all vegetation on Bald Head Island serves, especially trees. As a barrier island, BHI’s overall health depends upon the individual strength each ecological environment — the creek/marsh, beach/dunes and Maritime Forest. Due to Hurricanes Florence and Dorian, plus Ice Storm Grayson, BHI has lost many trees in recent years. And BHA has worked to help re-forest the island. One way is to honor BHA’s board members by planting a live oak tree when they retire. Without the ability of adding a sign at the honor tree itself, BHA wanted a way to remember former board members while identifying where these trees are planted on Bald Head Island.

Pam sent us artwork with board member names and corresponding numbered circles marking the live oak tree locations on the BHI map. Since this was an ongoing project, she needed the flexibility to be able to add new names and tree locations annually and was looking for ideas.

The Solution

The solution was to use magnets! We took BHA’s artwork, printed it on a steel plate and fixed the plate to a gorgeous walnut backer with standoffs.

“You really filled in the missing pieces using your professional expertise. It was a great partnership,” said Pam.
The end result is a beautiful piece of art that will honor the service of BHA’s board members for years to come.

The Reaction

The finished map has been a huge success. Pam Henson said, “We are so pleased with the sign. It turned out great, and everyone loves it. I am very grateful for your guidance because you were the one who came up with the creative solution using the magnets, which gives us the versatility to honor additional board members each year.”

Other Uses

Any business that has information that needs to be changed or updated could benefit from something similar: a graphic printed on steel composite with corresponding magnets. This allows for someone to quickly and easily update the content on an as-needed basis.

This is a great idea for menu boards; leadership boards for games, athletics, or sales offices, employee schedule boards, volunteer boards, and more.

We would love to help you with your display needs. Whether you need a product like we’ve just described or you have your own unique needs, we can help. Please call us at (910) 294-9705 or use our contact form and let us impress you with our creative solutions.