5 Ways Port City Signs & Graphics Is Built to Help Businesses

As a business owner, it can be a challenge to determine which printing company best fits your needs. In the absence of any real information about a company, most presume they’re equal, or equal enough, and go for the lowest price.

At Port City Signs & Graphics we’ve worked hard to develop a printing process that is designed for today’s business needs. One that offers competitive pricing but also one that focuses on delivering great customer service.

Printing Is A Relationship

When you think of all of the signs and printing that a business needs over time, it really begins to add up. Outdoor signage, indoor signage, banners, window enhancements, temporary signs, vehicle wraps, decals, and more.

These are all important ways to display your branding. In the right hands, you’ll get quality work using quality materials and your signs will remain stunning for years. In the hands of the careless, you’ll see the inferior craftsmanship: the mismatched colors, the inconsistent printing, and a sub-par customer service experience.

At Port City Signs & Graphics we pride ourselves on doing quality work and on creating relationships with our clients.

Our People Are All Long Term Employees

Creating great working relationships is more than lip service. The norm in the printing business is to drive labor costs down as much as possible. Poor pay results in a lot of turnover.

We’ve resisted this trend and instead have worked hard to put together a great team of artists and craftsmen who take pride in their work. We believe in paying our workers fairly and in creating a healthy and rewarding work environment where they can excel. As a result, our employee retention is very high and everyone stays motivated to do excellent work.

Our employee retention enables a real sense of continuity in our work. Year after year the same folks are going to be involved in bringing your projects to life.

Our Employees are True Artists & Craftsmen

Making signs and graphics is equal parts art and science. It requires an understanding of graphic design. It requires having knowledge about the technical aspects of printing a wide range of colors across a wide range of mediums and how to get the best results. It requires having construction skills for installing permanent interior or exterior signs and for constructing high quality temporary signs. It requires knowing how to take a 2D print and turn it into a 3D vehicle wrap. It requires being able to put on a vehicle wrap such that it looks seamless and will last for years.

In short, our employees are highly skilled at what they do.

Our Process

On the other side of the coin, we want the customer experience to be as easy and pain free as possible. In 2017 we went through several technology upgrades in order to serve you better.

We now have the ability to print directly to substrate, drastically reducing turn around times. What used to take us up to a week can now be done in a day. This is especially useful for projects with tight turn around times.

For our regular business clients, ordering is as easy as placing a phone call or shooting over an email. Neighborhoods that need to reorder signs can do so just by filling out a form. Pick up and delivery options are both available to suit your needs.

We Care

It may be cliche to say that we care, but any business owner will tell you that caring is the difference between getting it right and getting it good enough. We’ve been in business for nearly 70 years. In that time we’ve helped tens of thousands of businesses with the sign and graphics needs. We’ve seen generational businesses go from grandfather to father and father to son. The only way generational businesses stay in business is if they do people right. We’re no different. We’re still here nearly 70 years after the door first opened because we value treating our customers right. It’s golden rule stuff, but that stuff matters.

If we're new to you, we encourage you to reach out to us either by contacting us or using our Request a Quote form for a free quote on your job. Let us show you how getting your business signs or graphics printed should be.