How Do I Achieve Etched Glass Look for My Business Windows?

In short, call us. For a more developed answer, read on. What you’re actually looking for is frosted glass adhesive media, also referred to as frosted vinyl or etch media. These terms are interchangeable. Frosted glass media or etch vinyl refers to a window application in which a translucent adhesive film is applied to the […]


4 Benefits of Window Enhancements In Commercial Buildings

Window enhancements are a great way to increase the traffic within and around your commercial building, increase brand awareness, and foster a positive environment. Whether you are seeking a small window graphic or a full-sized window enhancement, the experts at Port City Signs and Graphics can help bring your vision to life. 1. Marketing Window enhancements […]


5 Examples of Solving Business Problems with Window Enhancements

Windows are an amazing technology that are so commonplace that we almost never stop to think about the fact that they’re literally clear walls. Being able to see through a wall is practically a superpower. As Uncle Ben taught us, with great power comes great responsibility, and the same is true, believe it or not, […]