How to Choose Your Sign Company

You want to create impactful displays for your business. They’re an investment, however, so choosing the right company is paramount. When making that decision, make four key considerations:

  • Local vs Remote company
  • Customer Service
  • Track Record
  • Company Culture

Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas.

Choosing a Local or Remote Company

With so many companies available, deciding which one will best suit your needs can feel overwhelming. 

Choosing a local, reputable sign company offers many advantages over an online company. 

  • You can speak to the team in person, instead of over the phone. 
  • We know your market because we live close by.
  • You, by buying local, put your money back into the local economy.
  • We work with many local clients and are always looking to make useful referrals to our partners in business.
  • Like you, we take pride in our local area.

Remote companies, on the other hand, may offer lower prices, as their higher volume allows them to take slim margins. Consider, however, that shipping can be something of a force of nature, not to mention expensive for large and heavy orders. In addition, if an issue arises, support and possible repair will be slower (if it comes at all).

Customer Service 

Customer service is often overlooked because it’s only experienced in full once you’ve committed. Before choosing a sign company, consider their track record for fast and genuinely helpful customer service. Checking online reviews is a good place to start.

Here at Port City Signs & Graphics, we take pride in our approach to customer service.

Our attention to detail is as broad as it is acute, and we pride ourselves in our rapid response time to needed support.

We offer post-project support and guidance, such as maintenance and repair services. This guarantees the longevity of your investment.

Track Record

A company’s track record in providing timely products is an obvious consideration. Working with new, or far-off, businesses can feel like a risky investment, justifiably. One could look through online reviews endlessly, but it certainly helps to be able to drive and walk into the office of the people you do business with or ask a neighbor about their experience working with a sign company.

Did you know Port City Signs & Graphics has served the greater Wilmington area since 1948?

Our current CEO, Sabrina Davis, took over the business in 2008. We pride ourselves in the direction we’ve taken the company since.

Chances are, you probably drove past one of our signs on your way to work today.

Our familiarity and understanding of our community and the companies here allow us to serve our clients’ needs uniquely. We have worked with thousands of local businesses in various industries such as commercial construction, real estate, retail, education, healthcare, food service, biotech… the list could go on; any branch of business is welcome here.

Our staff’s experience, knowledge, and expertise have propelled us to the forefront of our industry. We warmly invite you to visit our showroom and meet our dedicated team.

Positive Company Culture

Bad company culture leads to internal inefficiency that customers can notice!

Company culture and morale are essential to delivering quality products. When employees dislike their jobs, it can show in defects and delays.

If you’ve been following us on LinkedIn for a while, you’ll have seen that our staff genuinely love working here!

From our office administration to the designers and installation team, we work as a family. We take time to celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and, of course, our client wins.

It’s not all fun and games, though. We believe in investing in our team through training and development. You can see this reflected in the high-quality work we deliver.

At Port City Signs & Graphics, we believe a happy and productive team will improve your overall experience and the outcome of your sign projects.

We Want to Work with You

Building a relationship with a local sign company can lead to longer-term partnerships and a deeper understanding of your needs. A sign company with great customer service, a long-standing local history, and strong employee values matters.

We’re familiar with and understand Wilmington and surrounding North Carolina communities and the companies that work here. This lets us uniquely serve our clients’ needs. Our staff’s experience, knowledge, and sheer talent keep us operating at the forefront of our industry.

We invite you to visit our showroom and meet our team. Give us a call at 910-294-9777 or Request a Quote