How to Keep Your Signs Clean

Business signage is critical to organizations both small and large. However, cleaning your signage is something that is often overlooked. During regular signage audits, you should not only ensure the information on your signs is accurate and up-to-date, but you should also ensure the signs are clean, easily readable, and undamaged. Continue reading to learn our top tips on how to keep your business signage clean:

Use Mild Detergents

Mild detergents and soap are safe for most signs, including vinyl banners. Chemical-based soaps and detergents can be too abrasive and damage the finish of your business signage. Mild soap, warm water, and a gentle cloth will help clean your signs without causing any abrasion or damage. Our go-to for cleaning is a drop of Dawn in about a quart of warm water.

Window Graphics Need Special Attention

Any adhesive graphics, especially those on windows or other glass surfaces, should be washed with non-ammonia glass cleaners to protect the adhesive. Washing with Windex or other glass cleaners that contain ammonia, can erode the adhesive and cause the vinyl graphics to detach from the glass surface. We recommend a Glass Plus or other non-ammonia cleaners. Again, a good go-to is a drop of Dawn in about a quart of warm water.

Avoid Harsh Sponges

Harsh sponges can damage the finish of your signage. Select soft sponges or cloth rags to wash your signs in order to prevent unintentional scratching. The safest way to clean your signs is with a gentle soap and cloth rag or soft sponge. You wouldn’t scrub your car with a harsh sponge, so don’t wash your printed or painted signs with harsh materials, either!

Recruit Professional Help

For fixed signs that are out of reach, it’s best to recruit professional cleaning services. Cleaning signs that are on buildings or other elevated surfaces pose safety hazards, as you likely need to climb a ladder to reach the sign. Hiring professionals to clean these hard-to-reach spots can ensure that you get a thorough and safe clean for your business signage.

Wipe Signs to Dry

Hand-drying your signs with a soft cloth thoroughly after washing is another important part of keeping your signs clean and ensuring they last a long time. Soft signs, like vinyl signs and banners, need to be thoroughly dried after washing to ensure they don’t get damaged or mold/mildew stained. Hard signs like metal and acrylic should also be wiped dry to prevent streaking and spotting.

When in Doubt, Hand Wash

Whether you are cleaning an acrylic sign, vinyl sign, or metal sign, washing by hand with soap, water, and a gentle cloth is always the safest option. While power washing may seem like a quick and easy way to get the job done, we recommend hand washing to ensure the integrity if your signs remain intact

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