Examples of How We Help Real Estate, Construction, and Healthcare Companies

In our last post we talked about the value of having “a guy” to help you get things done. Having “a guy” means you have somebody who can solve a particular set of problems for you. We’ve developed a system that lets us act as “your guy” when it comes to getting signs and graphics produced. When we’re your go-to printing company, we can save you time, money, and hassle.

Large Real Estate Companies

We're the go-to printing company for several large commercial real estate companies, with multiple brokers and office staff.

When a broker gets a listing, their client is looking to them to get a sign up on their property as soon as possible. That’s their reassurance that they chose the right broker. They can call us between meetings, or they can email us their needs and we’ll take over the process of getting signage made and put on the property. This frees up the broker to do what they do best: getting more irons in the fire. This increases the brokers’ efficiency and contributes to a better bottom line. Brokers make money when property sells, not when they are digging holes for a sign.

We’ve worked hard to make the ordering process as easy as possible. Fill out one form and send it to us. That’s it. Brokers know that after they send in a form within a few days they’ll get an emailed photo showing their beautiful sign installed at their new listing.

When the listing sells they have SOLD stickers that are removable that they can apply to the sign to advertise their success. Once the property closes, they notify us and we remove the sign, clean it and touch it up (add here: so it is) ready to go to a new installation. This reusability is also a cost-saver that our clients really like.

Signage used to be a major headache for large real estate companies. We’ve eliminated the headaches by developing a well-oiled process that everyone on their team can follow with ease.

Around town, the company leaders see their brand well-represented on sharp-looking signs and it makes them feel the success of their team.

When our real estate company clients have relocated themselves, we’ve helped them beautifully brand their new office spaces with interior dimensional logos, window enhancements, and more.

Construction Companies

Construction is another expertise area for us. We are honored to have long-standing relationships with several large companies as their go-to print shop. We service a range of for several needs from job site signs to fleet graphics on their trucks and trailers.

We build relationships to make ordering signs and fleet graphics easy for anyone on the team. Whether the company is announcing a new project and branding the job site, needs directional and safety signs, or has a new truck to add to the fleet, our efficient digital filing system allows us to quickly pull the company’s standard signs and vehicle layouts from prior projects for quick re-prints or as a starting point to make modifications.

One of our construction clients called us last week in a pinch. He said, he was going to be moving dirt on a new dental office in the next week and hadn’t gotten a sign up yet. He was a little embarrassed to be heading to a project meeting without a sign in the works to show off the architect’s plan, the client’s logo and their own brand on this anchor lot. He asked if he could he send us the building rendering and the client’s logo and have us handle the rest. We assured him it would be ready to pick up by Friday. With just a phone call, he went from feeling behind and unorganized to feeling successful and knowing he was going to look good. That’s what we’re here for.

To add to this turnkey process, this same construction client refers their clients to us as they come to the close of a project so we can work them and their interior designers on permanent signage for the building, both interior and exterior. Very often this begins a new relationship that carries on for years to provide interior branding, motivational pieces, art, license plates, trade show items, decals and more.

It shows their trust in us and is really a testament to the good people that we having working for us. They care about doing quality work and making our customers look good. That truly makes all the difference.

Healthcare Organizations

We have several clients with multiple physician offices that want to maintain a consistent look. They recognize that nobody wants to be in a doctor’s office. It’s easy to feel anxious while in the waiting room. To address the issue we created interior artwork that’s uplifting, inspiring, and sometimes also has a branded message that gives reassurance to the clients that they are in the right place for compassionate care.

If you’re in health care, you know the staff of these offices have almost unrealistic goals to meet each day in terms of patient numbers, handling insurance, and answering concerns. They need something to be easy. That’s what we’re here for.

We also work with them on practical safety signage and graphics for glass, staff instructions and more. Our experience with our clients’ brands and our efficient digital workspace allow us to quickly pull art from prior projects and apply new specifications to get projects rolling quickly. Our installation team members are professionals, so when they are working in an office, they not only work efficiently, they look good and communicate well. This is important when you have graphics installations happening during business hours.

We've spent considerable time and effort to design a process that works well for businesses. We want to be your go-to print shop. Give us a call at (910) 350-8242 and let's talk. Tell us your issues and needs for signs and graphics and we'll work with you to create an easy system where you or your people can get signs and/or graphics printed with minimal hassle, all at a very fair price that won't break the bank.