Interior Design Meets Branding: Make It a Fun Place to Work

If you’re moving into a new office space, you’re probably like most companies: slap some paint on the walls, get some generic art or artwork that fits your brand and call it a day. In this blog post, we want to encourage you to think differently about your space. You have a unique opportunity to do something special with it before everything and everybody is moved in. In short, we want to encourage you to think about branding your space so that it feels like a special place to come to work and a special place for customers and clients to visit.

A tremendous example of a company that has done this with their space is EmergeOrtho in their new facility in Brunswick Forest.

The design was handled by Morvil Design. We love working with the Morvil team to bring their imaginative graphic designs to life in workplaces. Our expertise is determining the best media and materials to achieve the look and weather the environment and traffic in a public space. The EmergeOrtho facilities encompass several floors. The pictures in this blog post are from their physical therapy office on the 3rd floor. They have offices on the 2nd floor that we also helped to brand. The result is a space that feels luxurious, inspiring, and one that feels good to be in.

For the EmergeOrtho clients typically working hard to recover from a physical setback -- the active lifestyle photos are inspiring and uplifting -- affirmation that they are in the right place for their physical therapy.

We printed over half a dozen large wall murals and 99 poster-sized and over-sized PVC prints for their physical therapy space and 61 PVC prints for their patient offices on the second floor. The wall murals in the physical therapy area are printed on high-quality cast vinyl media. This is an exceptionally durable media that moves with the climate of the office, meaning it expands and contracts with the walls (yes, office walls expand and contract!) This means it stays in place whether it’s hot or cold inside and is also great for putting on an externally facing wall where temperatures will change throughout the day and over the course of a year. Contrast this with less durable and more rigid calendared media which does not expand as the wall surface expands. This creates peeling around the edges over time. After a year or two, the look of calendared vinyl would be significantly degraded compared with the cast media.

We add a high quality, cast, matte laminate over the mural media which protects it and even allows wiping down of the walls.

The poster-sized and over-sized panels are all printed on PVC. Like the wall media, these are cost-effective, long-lasting prints that will look great for years to come.

A project like this can come together quicker than you might think. We typically prefer at least a 2-month turn around time but things can move faster. The time from design and measurement of the space (which was still under construction) to installation for EmergeOrtho took around 6 weeks.

The end result is a stunning office space that impresses employees and clients alike. And because it was all done at once, EmergeOrtho benefited from bulk-printing pricing.

Are you planning to move into a new office space? Take a cue from EmergeOrtho and take your space to another level. You and your employees will spend a significant portion of your waking hours in the office. It makes sense to create a space that feels great to be in and brands your company at the same time.

If you’re interested in finding out what we can do for you, give us a call at (910) 294-9244 and let’s talk about it. We’ll help you elevate your space and make it impressive and comfortable at the same time.