LED Illuminated Signs are the New Neon

Neon is out, and LED illuminated signs are in! Why the transition, and what are the benefits of this change?

LED Signs vs Neon Signs: Which is Better?

Neon signs have dominated the signage industry for decades, but their popularity has sizzled away with the onset of LED signs. LED signs are fully customizable, more cost-efficient, and even help save on energy bills, unlike neon signs. Continue reading to learn why LED signs are a better option than neon signs for your business.

Energy Efficiency:

LED lights use 5 to 10 times less energy than traditional neon signs, leading to a lower overall cost. Since LED signs consume much less energy than neon signs, they are a more environmentally friendly option in addition to being more affordable.

Required Maintenance:

Unlike traditional neon signs, LED signs don’t require complicated and costly maintenance. LED signs rely on small bulbs, not gasses, making them a low-maintenance option. When neon signs break, the maintenance is typically costly and extensive.


LED signs are highly customizable, making them a great option for businesses both small and large! Whether you seek an illuminated sign with text or one with a logo, LED signs can be customized to fit your needs.


LED signs cost about $80/year to run, while traditional neon signs cost $210/year, making LED signs a much more affordable option. Furthermore, repair of LED signs are less extensive than neon signs, which reduces the overall cost of the LED option.


LED signs are waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor applications. Traditional neon signs cannot be used outside and must be fully protected from rain and snow due to their design. LED signs are more durable and have a wide variety of uses. These signs can be safely located outdoors, even in spots that are subject to inclement weather.


Neon signs have gained fame and popularity for their visibility at night, but they fall short during the day. LED signs have high visibility both during the day and through the night, making them a better option overall for visibility.

At Port City Signs and Graphics, we offer 6 different LED illuminated signs to choose from, including:

  • Front-Lit Letters
  • Reverse-Lit Letters
  • Front and Back-Lit Letters
  • Illuminated Logo Boxes
  • Indoor Display Signs

Are you looking for the custom LED illuminated signage for your business? Give us a call at (910) 294-9362 or Request a QuoteOur expert team can create a sign that is both functional and beautiful for your space.