Interior office wall mural that is branded and welcomes clients in a professional aesthetic while still adding a pop to the signage and space tastefully

Murals: A Boost to Morale

Murals are an excellent choice to accent or complete your business spaces. The possibilities for placement, size, and subject are endless. Murals can:

  • Take up any empty wall space, anywhere, with anything
  • Communicate permanence to your customers.
  • Be a source of inspiration and boost morale within your company.
  • Complete your brand image within your space.

More on each of those below.

Anything can go anywhere

A mural can be put anywhere inside your business space. Hallways, atriums, offices, pillars, conference rooms, auditoriums… the list could go on!

Murals can depict artwork or important information. We’ve done life-size portraits, maps, macro shots, large artwork, and even abstract patterns. The higher the resolution, the better; murals are at their strongest when they depict detailed subjects.

A feeling that you’re going to stick around for a while

Since a mural is pasted to the physical wall of your business space, it communicates a sense of permanence to customers. If you integrate branded artwork into your building, the building becomes part of your brand. Customers and prospective employees will get the idea that you’ve been here, and are going to be here, for a while.

Best of all, this sense of permanence doesn’t have to translate to actual permanence; much of the media we use can be easily removed, damage-free to the wall underneath.

Integrate Inspiration into your workspace

An austere workspace is a draining workspace. Giving your employees something to look at within their workplace can help reduce tension and boredom. Murals can inspire your workforce as well; integrating company values or inspirational quotes into your workplace provides a constant callback to the ideals that keep your company moving.

Murals can even help with hiring. A job interview that occurs in an empty conference room could feel more like an interrogation. Providing visual stimuli in an interview environment can help to ease tension between the interviewer and the prospective hire by providing an alternative to constant eye contact. In addition, present artwork can give a lead for questions or answers.

Brand your business, brand your building

We briefly touched on branding earlier, but it’s important enough to get its own. We know you’ve taken great efforts to give your business strong and prevalent branding, likely in the form of advertisements, uniforms, vehicle wraps, and promotional products. However, the workplace itself is an often overlooked opportunity for communicating your company values and offerings. What better way to show off what you do than to place a huge picture of it for your customers to see as they walk in the door? First impressions count, and a huge mural at your entrance is a great start.

We want to work with you
Whether you have an image, idea, napkin drawing, or no idea where to start, we can help. We have worked extensively in universities, museums, healthcare facilities, commercial showrooms, corporate offices, and restaurants, just to name a few… Reach out and let’s get started with giving your walls some character! Give us a call at (910) 294-9402 or Request a Quote.