Shedding Light on Exterior Sign Options

Exterior signage is an essential part of customer communication. A thoughtfully designed and placed sign serves as a landmark, advertisement, and decoration. While basic, unlit signage will do the job, it will only do so during the day. Lighting up your sign at night with energy-efficient, near-ageless LEDs will ensure your business is in the public eye 24/7/365. Let’s take a look at the options we offer:

1. Face-lit signage:

Our simplest option for illuminated signage is face-lit signage. This method utilizes translucent media over transparent acrylic for the sign face and internal LEDs for an evenly lit, easily readable sign.

Customers whose brand identity includes fine, stylized fonts or complex logos are best advised to choose this illumination method over others mentioned below, as the smooth, contained lighting will not trample over small details in the graphics and ensure better readability from afar.

2. Backlit signage:

Backlit signage consists of opaque lettering that extrudes from the wall, with rear-facing LEDs casting light behind the display. The backs of the letters are fitted with transparent acrylic, which acts as a filter to even out the lighting. This filter can even be colored to provide a different shade other than white.  This illumination method is often called “halo-lit” signage, as the light cast by the sign evenly spills out onto the backdrop around the lettering.

Backlighting is at its strongest when used with simple shapes and broad lettering. This method has become popular for marking the entrances to apartment complexes or gated communities and can be mixed and matched with almost any prior-installed backdrop (such as a rough stone, concrete, or stucco wall) to create a bespoke sign that is sure to draw eyes.

3. Combination-lit signage:

If you’re in the market for something especially noticeable, combination-lit signage is an option. Combination-lit signage combines the two aforementioned methods to create a sign with a glowing face and backlighting. Be cautioned, however, as the halo effect will reduce contrast with the surrounding darkness, and may end up looking muddy or out-of-focus at extreme distances.

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