Weather or Not: Creating Lasting Signs for Coastal Climate

Wilmington draws many in for its generally mild weather and beautiful beaches; living on the coast has its perks. Coastal conditions, however, can pose challenges for building signs that last. Coinciding with the advent of hurricane season, we’d like to highlight some of our tried and true materials and methods for weathering the coastal climate. […]


Murals: A Boost to Morale

Murals are an excellent choice to accent or complete your business spaces. The possibilities for placement, size, and subject are endless. Murals can: More on each of those below. Anything can go anywhere A mural can be put anywhere inside your business space. Hallways, atriums, offices, pillars, conference rooms, auditoriums… the list could go on! […]


How to Choose Your Sign Company

You want to create impactful displays for your business. They’re an investment, however, so choosing the right company is paramount. When making that decision, make four key considerations: Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas. Choosing a Local or Remote Company With so many companies available, deciding which one will best suit […]


Beyond Sandblasting: Crafting Dimensional Signage with Precision

Recently, we finished and installed a new sign for the New Hanover County Landfill. This sign is made of HDU (a very dense and durable closed-cell foam) and is custom routed on our Colex CNC router, giving it 3d letters and borders. This blog is paired with a video depicting the entire project process, from […]


Shedding Light on Exterior Sign Options

Exterior signage is an essential part of customer communication. A thoughtfully designed and placed sign serves as a landmark, advertisement, and decoration. While basic, unlit signage will do the job, it will only do so during the day. Lighting up your sign at night with energy-efficient, near-ageless LEDs will ensure your business is in the […]


Project Spotlight: Cygnus Technologies

We are excited to showcase our latest project for Cygnus Technologies, a leading provider of analytical research and testing services to the pharmaceutical industry. Recently, they relocated from Southport to the Leland Industrial Park into a brand new $10 million building with room for expansion. But what good is a new building if you don’t […]


Top 5 Reasons to Get a Vehicle Wrap

We’ve all seen them. Whether it’s while we’re at a red light in town, cruising down the highway, or parked in a Harris Teeter parking lot. These mobile billboards are hard to miss! In recent years, vehicle wraps have emerged as a trendy and effective way to customize and advertise your car or truck, and […]


How Do I Achieve Etched Glass Look for My Business Windows?

In short, call us. For a more developed answer, read on. What you’re actually looking for is frosted glass adhesive media, also referred to as frosted vinyl or etch media. These terms are interchangeable. Frosted glass media or etch vinyl refers to a window application in which a translucent adhesive film is applied to the […]