Mesh Fence Wraps

Turn your construction fencing into a marketing opportunity.

We are the Mesh Banner Experts in Wilmington NC

Transform your existing chain-link fence into valuable marketing space by adding an eye-catching mesh screen to it.

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We make gorgeous looking mesh banners for chain-link fencing with quick turnaround, quality workmanship, and great customer service, all at competitive prices. When you’re ready to get started, click the button below to get your free estimate.

Mesh Banners for Chain-Link Fencing

Turn a blank fence into a valuable advertisement, while also providing privacy or hiding unattractive construction sites. Our high-quality 8 oz. mesh banner prints vibrantly, but let’s the wind blow through, which preserves large banners. The banner surface to airflow rate is 70/30.

Mesh fence wraps are ideal for construction sites, sporting events, concert venues, schools, renovation projects and more. They most commonly cover unsightly chain-link fencing, but can be mounted to any type of fence, wall, or building face.

  • Printed with high-quality UV ink to resist fading.
  • Stretches tight for wrinkle-free look
  • Grommets spaced every 24” on all sides

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Port City Signs & Graphics difference?

Our professional designers are experts in large format print and sign design, which differs from standard graphic design training. Each member of our production team has more than 20 years of experience in this trade. Thus, when you choose Port City Signs & Graphics, you are choosing the assurance of quality, efficiency and professionalism.

What is the design process like?
We pride ourselves on both the quality of our work and on providing exceptional customer service. When having decals or magnets made, the following list will give you a good idea of the whole process.

  1. Collect information to provide a quote:
    1. Size: inches, width x height
    2. Quantity:
    3. Consecutive numbering needed? (applies to stickers)
    4. Shape (applies to stickers): square/rectangle, oval/circle, contour/custom shape
    5. Provide artwork ready to print, or provide logo, text and info for design team. (
    6. Identify deadline.
  2. With this info, we can provide a quote.
  3. Approve quote and place a 50% deposit.
  4. Design team will email a proof.
  5. Proof approval puts sign into production.
  6. Client will be called to for pickup or notified of shipping.
  7. Balance due at time of installation, pickup or shipping.

*We offer Net 15 terms to commercial clients upon request/approval.

What is the turnaround time?
Many decals and magnets, depending on the type and quantity can be produced within days. Larger quantities and more complex requests take more time. Discuss your deadline with us and we will work to meet it.
How are reorders handled?

To move your re-order through our system quickly, email  the prior proof sheet or the job order/invoice number. Indicate you are looking for an exact re-order and you would like to bypass the proof. This will send your order directly to production!

Happy Customers

“Port City Signs has done a great job on our Low Speed Vehicles Decals here on the UNCW Campus. They are fast, affordable, and very reliable. They always treat us with a polite professional manner and make sure our vehicles are decaled with best quality materials . Thanks again for all you do for UNCW.”

Lawrence Heath


At Red Door Homes we want the best and we frankly want everything BRANDED. One of the most important aspects of marketing is having a consistent and recognizable company that is seen in various formats and instances.

That is why we wrap our vehicles. For starters, it looks highly professional and, why not having mobile billboards if you are already paying for the vehicle. We work with Sabrina to update our tailgates from time to time, matching our billboards, again, for that ease of recognition.

Do yourself and your business a favor – partner with Port City Signs.

Page Robertson

General Manager, Red Door Homes

“Port City Signs and Graphics has wrapped 8 vehicles for us over the last two years. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of work from Sabrina and her team.

Branding for a business is important and our full vehicle wraps help us to achieve this. Our vans are rolling billboards in the Cape Fear Area! If you are wanting to increase your company’s visibility trust your vehicles to Port City Signs.”

Brooke Skipper

Salt Heating & Air

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