Interior Flat Signs

We produce more flat, printed signs than anything else because they are economical and quickly produced! In some cases, same-day delivery is possible.

With the right substrate and print, flat-printed signs can have the beauty of a high-end dimensional sign. Let us know your vision and budget and we can guide you!


PVC is a fast-turnaround, economical substrate, recommended for indoor application out of direct sunlight. (PVC can warp in extreme sunlight or uneven heat.)

Thin PVC is great for simple door or directional signs, while the thicker versions can be printed with beautiful art and photography.

PVC is available 3mm (⅛” roughly), 6mm (¼”), 13mm (½”)  and 19mm (¾”).

Acrylic & Polycarbonate Panels

Clear acrylic and polycarbonate panels make beautiful signs with a high gloss face, and also can be printed for an elegant photography display, popular for corporate and medical offices.

Acrylic can signs can have just about any color background desired, but clear and frosted are most common.

We also offer white translucent printed acrylic panels for backlit signs.

Standard thicknesses are 3/16”, ⅛” and ¼”, however thicker options are available. Please call to discuss those.

Standard Hardware for Interior Acrylic Panels

Interior acrylic panels can be mounted in two ways. If clear or frosted, they can be mounted with metal standoffs (round pucks at the corners).

If opaque / solid color, the acrylic panel can also be blind-mounted, with z-clips on the back. Z-clips are metal French cleats.

Aluminum Composite

Aluminum composite can be used for basic, economical signage, or beautiful art prints. We use this substrate to meet a variety of needs. It comes in standard white, which can be printed in any color and also brushed silver, gold and other colors, that can be printed as metal art or simulate a metal plaque (as an economical alternative).

Aluminum composite is available as follows:

3mm (roughly ⅛” thick) standard white aluminum composite: can be printed in any color, somewhat flexible, so best for wall or fence mount.

3mm (roughly ⅛” thick)  brushed aluminum composite: can be printed in any color, brushed metal surface shows through print. Or it can be faced with opaque cut vinyl to show brushed metal around vinyl (simulates a metal plaque). Brushed silver and gold are most popular. Also available in brushed copper, bronze and black.

6mm (roughly ¼” thick) standard aluminum composite: can be printed in any color. Rigid. Ideal for post or wall mount, for large sizes.

What is the design process like?

We pride ourselves on both the quality of our work and on providing exceptional customer service. When having a sign made, the following list will give you a good idea of the whole process.

  1. Collect information to provide a quote:
    1. Identify your material, PVC, aluminum composite, aluminum, acrylic, or other.
    2. Identify mounting style and location.
    3. Identify where the sign will be mounted, type of surface and area of space available.
    4. Provide artwork ready to cut, or provide logo, text and info for design team. (
    5. Identify deadline.
  2. With the above information we can provide a quote.
  3. Approve quote and place a 50% deposit.
  4. Production team will conduct a site survey to confirm installation plans.
  5. Design team will email a proof.
  6. Proof approval puts sign into production.
  7. Client will be called to schedule installation or notified that the sign is ready for pickup.
  8. Balance due at time of installation.
What is the turnaround time?

Most flat printed or cut vinyl signs can be produced within 3-6 days. Some projects can be turned in one day if needed and all artwork is supplied ready to print. More complex projects involving large quantities, acrylic, hardware, etc., may take more time and deadlines will be discussed.

How are reorders handled?

To move your re-order through our system quickly, email  the prior proof sheet or the job order/invoice number. Indicate you are looking for an exact re-order and you would like to bypass the proof. This will send your order directly to production!

What factors go into the cost of a sign?

Our pricing depends on a number of factors.. The substrate, media type, creativity of the design, and complexity of the assembly.

What’s different at Port City Signs & Graphics?

Our professional designers are experts in large format print and sign design, which differs from standard graphic design training. Each member of our production team has more than 20 years of experience in this trade. Thus, when you choose Port City Signs & Graphics, you are choosing the assurance of quality, efficiency and professionalism.

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We love the outcome of our signs here at Cape Fear Bonded Warehouse! The Port City Signs team was professional and helpful from beginning to end. Thanks again for a job well done!

Cara Koning

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Sabrina and her crew at Port City Signs have been amazing to the film industry for years! Their work is impeccable and they do everything they can to make our jobs easier. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I recently moved to GA for a new film job and I am so sad I can’t take PCS with me! I may have to still send them work from afar! =)

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