The Ultimate Guide to our Vehicle Graphics & Wraps Process

Crawford Door Systems truck fleet partial wraps

Turning your car into a mobile billboard for your business is much easier than you may think. Wrapping your commercial vehicles for your business or fleet is also a great bang for your advertising buck. Our vehicle wraps serve our customers 7 years on average, and they tend to outlast our client's use of the vehicle. But how does the price of a vehicle wrap compare to other forms of popular advertising?

Generally, the price of a billboard in Wilmington costs $2,500 to $3,500 per month. That averages out to $625-$875 per week, or multiplies out to $210K to $294K for 7 years. Meanwhile, radio advertising runs $1,200 per month on the low end. This can get you four 15-second ads per day, or 20 per week at $15 per ad. That divides to $300 per week or multiplies to $100K for 7 years.

If you wanted our team to place a custom wrap on one of your vehicles such as a box truck,, it would cost you anywhere between $4,500 to $5,000. The wrap is expected to last 7 years if it is maintained properly. That divides out to $12.36 to $13.74 a week or $2.75 per weekday. With an estimated 30,000 - 70,000 daily vehicular impressions, that divides out to 4-9 cents per impression, easily earning you way more bang for your buck than a billboard or radio ad!

Whether you’re considering a full or partial wrap, simpler cut graphics, or a view-through window wrap for your commercial vehicle, here’s the step-by-step process we follow at Port City Signs & Graphics to bring your design vision to life.

Step 1: Gather Information

To start, send over your vehicle’s make, model, and year, along with photos of its sides, front, and rear. We use this information to cross-reference the correct vehicle template for your quoting and design phases.

If you’re providing your wrap design, you must send these files to us upfront for review. Or, if we’re providing the design, you’ll need to send over your logo files with a clear description of your design vision. This step helps us provide you with an accurate quote and hit the mark on your design.

Or, you can also schedule an appointment to have our team survey your vehicle before quoting. 

Step 2: Get Vehicle Surveyed

When you arrive for your survey appointment, we will inspect your vehicle alongside you. While gathering information about your design needs and vehicle, we’ll also look for any imperfections or damage that could reduce the longevity of your wrap. 

Then, based on your business needs, we’ll discuss the best type of vinyl wrap solution for you.

We also search for any unexpected bodylines or trim pieces that may deviate from our template during your survey. Your vehicle survey is done here at Port City Signs & Graphics and takes roughly 15 minutes. 

Once complete, your order moves into the design and proofing phases.

Step 3: Approve Quote

After your survey, it takes us one to three business days to generate and send your custom quote. If you approve this quote, we require a deposit to schedule your project.

Step 4: Design

If you provide your design, we check to see if your layout will fit your vehicle properly (and offer any necessary changes).

Or, if we’re designing your graphics, our design team works from the information gathered during our survey appointment.

Design time varies based on the intricacy of your project and type of vehicle, but generally can be completed within a week.

Your project manager will then send you a proof with your vehicle’s mockup design, drawn to scale. At this phase, you can request changes and receive revisions at no additional cost. Once you approve your proof, your order will move to the production phase.

Step 5: Schedule Install

Next, our sales team reaches out to you to propose an installation date based on openings in our schedule. We can usually schedule you one to two weeks out.

Step 6: Printing and Production

When we start producing your order, we set your design files to print. We print, laminate, trim, and prepare your custom graphics for your installation date.

Our sales team will also call you to reconfirm your scheduled installation time as your production process reaches completion.

Step 7: Install

Before you drop your vehicle off on your installation date, you must wash your vehicle without wax (immediately before dropping it off for installation). 

If you have not washed your vehicle, we may require a cleaning fee. (You are notified first.)

When possible, we ask you to deliver your vehicle the evening before your installation date. This ensures we can store your vehicle in our climate-controlled garage overnight before graphics work, starting at 7 AM the next day. 

Small graphics installations can take anywhere from one to several hours. Full wraps generally take one to two days, depending on the size of the vehicle.

Note: We Remove Hardware & Badges

We remove hardware and handles before your wrap installation to secure the media beneath those parts.

We also generally remove your manufacturer branding badges (i.e., GMC, Chevy Bowtie, Ford Oval, or lettering) if these parts interfere with the appearance of your wrap image.

We will leave your badge in your vehicle.

 *If you prefer that we wrap over your branding badge, please notify us in advance.

Advertise your business in a hassle-free way with Port City Signs & Graphics!

You receive the highest-quality media and your print will have stunning color. We wrap cars, trucks, vans, boats, trailers, shuttles, buses, specialized work vehicles, shipping containers, and more.

Our production team has more than 20 years of experience in this trade, so if you’re ready to make a big impact— contact us today to get your FREE quote for vehicle graphics and wraps.