When Should You Use Temporary Signs Instead of Permanent?

If you want to stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching sign for your business, should you pick a temporary sign over a permanent one? Although installing permanent signs onto your building (or walls) can last you a very long time, temporary signs offer several benefits that permanent signs can’t. Here are some times when investing in temporary signs makes more business sense.

You’re Announcing a Current Event

a-frame sign Yard Sign Celebrating a new project or announcing a current event? It’s worth adding temporary signs to your business toolbox. For restaurant or store owners, A-frame sidewalk signs can advertise your daily specials or get you noticed when permanent signs aren’t easily visible to pedestrians. A-frame sidewalk signs come in long-term, short-term, fully printed, chalkboard, and dry-erase surface options. Similar to A-frame uses, but more economical is the old faithful yard sign! Perfect for everything from announcing open houses and special events to curbside pickup to job opportunities… Yard signs encourage cruising neighbors to take notice. Banners are our best seller for current events, simply because you get a lot of square footage bang for your buck. Beyond the standard banner with grommets (insider tip: hang them with bungies instead of rope to prevent sagging), we also offer the more decorative pole banner option (also known as boulevard banners). You can use this signage for special events (or directions) with wind-resistant hardware that attaches to most light poles for a perfect fit.  Temporary Banner

You Haven’t Finalized Your Branding

Large Mesh Banner Unlike a permanent sign that’s final, you can adjust your temporary sign’s size and design. This gives you the chance to work out any kinks in your design vision before committing to it. In this case, a banner or a lightweight, budget-friendly rigid substrate can serve as a placeholder until you fabricate and budget your permanent version. Banners, which come in both solid vinyl and mesh (which have holes for wind to blow through) are quick to produce and easy to install on buildings, fences or ground stakes. If you don’t like the “temporary” look of a banner, printed aluminum or PVC are rigid and thus look a bit more permanent, without the steeper price of what might be your dream sign.

You’re on a Budget

If you're opening a new location, a banner is one of the most economical temporary signs, but it’s not your only option. Wall-mount, projecting banners can work wonders too! We use a standard 13-ounce banner printed on two layers (back to back) to increase durability. You can also hang these banners on a pole or two banners flanking one pole. All are vertical or square and can range in size depending on your installation and application. Until a grander design can fit your budget, you can pick from several products that can closely match the look of a permanent sign (and last a year or more).

You Need Something Fast

We produce fence wraps, for example, fairly quickly. These signs are ideal for construction sites, sporting events, concert venues, schools, renovation projects, and more! Although these signs most commonly cover unsightly chain-link fencing, they can be mounted to any type of fence, wall, or building face. Fence wraps are also printed with high-quality UV ink to resist fading and stretched tight for a wrinkle-free look. When deciding on business signs, feel free to discuss your deadline with us, and we will work hard to meet it!

Client Spotlight: Liz Carroll Interiors

A perfect example of a time to use a temporary sign is to announce your work to potential clients. Yard signs by roofers, landscapers, painters and home renovators are effective to advertise to homeowners who might be looking for services they see underway at a neighbor's house. On a commercial scale, mesh fence banners are effective advertising at job sites. Liz Carroll Interiors used just this approach during their oversight of the renovations at Atlantic Packaging's headquarters on 23rd Street in Wilmington. We were honored to work with Liz and her team on the interiors, but also to help the team advertise their work, right alongside Thomas Construction, on the construction fencing facing traffic on 23rd Street.

Your Space for Permanent Signage is Limited

Without Limits Depending on the type of business signs (and quantity), you can receive many decals and magnets within days. But, larger quantities or more complex designs will take more time. 

Ready to draw attention to your business?

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