LED Illuminated Signs are the New Neon

Neon is out, and LED illuminated signs are in! Why the transition, and what are the benefits of this change? LED Signs vs Neon Signs: Which is Better? Neon signs have dominated the signage industry for decades, but their popularity has sizzled away with the onset of LED signs. LED signs are fully customizable, more […]


4 Benefits of Window Enhancements In Commercial Buildings

Window enhancements are a great way to increase the traffic within and around your commercial building, increase brand awareness, and foster a positive environment. Whether you are seeking a small window graphic or a full-sized window enhancement, the experts at Port City Signs and Graphics can help bring your vision to life. 1. Marketing Window enhancements […]


5 Signs You Need For Opening Shop

Choosing the right branding signage for your business is essential when opening an office or brick and mortar storefront. Signage not only identifies your business, but it also acts as advertisement, provides brand awareness, and helps drive sales. You’ve invested hard work, time, and effort into your business, and well branded signage ensures people are […]


Product Spotlight: Bald Head Island Plaque

We love it when a client brings us a new challenge and asks for a unique solution. It lets our artists and craftsmen get imaginative and results in a product that exceeds all expectations. This is the story of one such challenge and how we helped solve it. The Problem The Bald Head Association (BHA) […]


Interior Design Meets Branding: Make It a Fun Place to Work

If you’re moving into a new office space, you’re probably like most companies: slap some paint on the walls, get some generic art or artwork that fits your brand and call it a day. In this blog post, we want to encourage you to think differently about your space. You have a unique opportunity to […]


Get Inspiration for Your Office With These Beautiful Acrylic Signs

Maybe you’re moving into a new office, or maybe you’re looking around the office you’ve been in for quite some time and things look a little stale. A great way to give your office space a special feel is by including some interior signage. There’s a wide range of possibilities when it comes to acrylic […]


Examples of How We Help Real Estate, Construction, and Healthcare Companies

In our last post we talked about the value of having “a guy” to help you get things done. Having “a guy” means you have somebody who can solve a particular set of problems for you. We’ve developed a system that lets us act as “your guy” when it comes to getting signs and graphics […]


Restoring History: The Kingfisher Seaplane on the USS North Carolina

One of Wilmington’s best known attractions is the USS North Carolina. It’s a battleship that saw action in the Pacific Theater during WWII. Less well known is the plane that sits on the battleship’s deck. The full name of the original version of the aircraft is the Vought-Sikorsky XOS2U-1 monoplane. It was given the much […]


5 Examples of Solving Business Problems with Window Enhancements

Windows are an amazing technology that are so commonplace that we almost never stop to think about the fact that they’re literally clear walls. Being able to see through a wall is practically a superpower. As Uncle Ben taught us, with great power comes great responsibility, and the same is true, believe it or not, […]