When Should You Use Temporary Signs Instead of Permanent?

If you want to stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching sign for your business, should you pick a temporary sign over a permanent one? Although installing permanent signs onto your building (or walls) can last you a very long time, temporary signs offer several benefits that permanent signs can’t. Here are some times […]


The Ultimate Guide to our Vehicle Graphics & Wraps Process

Turning your car into a mobile billboard for your business is much easier than you may think. Wrapping your commercial vehicles for your business or fleet is also a great bang for your advertising buck. Our vehicle wraps serve our customers 7 years on average, and they tend to outlast our client’s use of the […]


The 6 Most Popular Types of Illuminated Signs

You’re searching for the perfect sign for your business. But where do you start? With so many signage options, lighting features, and sizes on the market, it can feel overwhelming. Electrical or illuminated signs also have styles of their own. These signs consist of lit lettering with custom shapes and programmable lighting. We want to […]


Get Inspiration for Your Office With These Beautiful Acrylic Signs

Maybe you’re moving into a new office, or maybe you’re looking around the office you’ve been in for quite some time and things look a little stale. A great way to give your office space a special feel is by including some interior signage. There’s a wide range of possibilities when it comes to acrylic […]


Examples of How We Help Real Estate, Construction, and Healthcare Companies

In our last post we talked about the value of having “a guy” to help you get things done. Having “a guy” means you have somebody who can solve a particular set of problems for you. We’ve developed a system that lets us act as “your guy” when it comes to getting signs and graphics […]


We Do Large Format Printing in Wilmington NC for Businesses!

In our last article we spent some time talking about how Port City Signs & Graphics is built to help businesses. One of the ways that we make getting sign, prints, and graphics made for business easier is through the sheer variety of signs, prints, and graphics that we’re able to make. Today we’d like […]


5 Ways Port City Signs & Graphics Is Built to Help Businesses

As a business owner, it can be a challenge to determine which printing company best fits your needs. In the absence of any real information about a company, most presume they’re equal, or equal enough, and go for the lowest price. At Port City Signs & Graphics we’ve worked hard to develop a printing process […]