Murals: A Boost to Morale

Murals are an excellent choice to accent or complete your business spaces. The possibilities for placement, size, and subject are endless. Murals can: More on each of those below. Anything can go anywhere A mural can be put anywhere inside your business space. Hallways, atriums, offices, pillars, conference rooms, auditoriums… the list could go on! […]


How to Choose Your Sign Company

You want to create impactful displays for your business. They’re an investment, however, so choosing the right company is paramount. When making that decision, make four key considerations: Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas. Choosing a Local or Remote Company With so many companies available, deciding which one will best suit […]


Shedding Light on Exterior Sign Options

Exterior signage is an essential part of customer communication. A thoughtfully designed and placed sign serves as a landmark, advertisement, and decoration. While basic, unlit signage will do the job, it will only do so during the day. Lighting up your sign at night with energy-efficient, near-ageless LEDs will ensure your business is in the […]


Project Spotlight: Cygnus Technologies

We are excited to showcase our latest project for Cygnus Technologies, a leading provider of analytical research and testing services to the pharmaceutical industry. Recently, they relocated from Southport to the Leland Industrial Park into a brand new $10 million building with room for expansion. But what good is a new building if you don’t […]


Top 5 Reasons to Get a Vehicle Wrap

We’ve all seen them. Whether it’s while we’re at a red light in town, cruising down the highway, or parked in a Harris Teeter parking lot. These mobile billboards are hard to miss! In recent years, vehicle wraps have emerged as a trendy and effective way to customize and advertise your car or truck, and […]


6 Things You Should Know About LED Signs

Custom LED signs have become the industry leader in illuminated signage. From small businesses to corporations, LED signs are a highly effective form of advertising and conveying messages to your customers or clients. At Port City Signs & Graphics, we offer a variety of customizable LED signs for business use. Here are 5 things you […]


4 Tips for Auditing Your Business Signage

Auditing business signage is important for business owners both small and large. Every business owner should audit their business signage every so often to ensure they are staying up to date with current trends, regulations, and promotions they run throughout the year. Signage helps communicate important information to your customers and employees, which is why […]


LED Illuminated Signs are the New Neon

Neon is out, and LED illuminated signs are in! Why the transition, and what are the benefits of this change? LED Signs vs Neon Signs: Which is Better? Neon signs have dominated the signage industry for decades, but their popularity has sizzled away with the onset of LED signs. LED signs are fully customizable, more […]


5 Signs You Need For Opening Shop

Choosing the right branding signage for your business is essential when opening an office or brick and mortar storefront. Signage not only identifies your business, but it also acts as advertisement, provides brand awareness, and helps drive sales. You’ve invested hard work, time, and effort into your business, and well branded signage ensures people are […]